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Monday, May 1, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 2

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 2: A card with more than one player on it.

I had a few to pick from, and was looking at some vintage cards, when I remembered that I had this beauty. It's a Winning Materials dual jersey card of Ken Griffey, Jr. and Jim Edmonds from 2009 SPX.

I chose this one, because it's an incredibly unique card in that it features two players, but four teams. Griffey is pictured as a Cincinnati Red, but listed as a member of the Chicago White Sox, and Edmonds is pictured as a St. Louis Cardinal, but listed as a Chicago Cub. Griffey was traded from the Reds to the White Sox at the trade deadline in July 2008, and Edmonds left the cardinals and signed a 1-year contract with the Cubs in May of that year. Despite this being a 2009 product, I guess there wasn't enough time for Upper Deck to get updated photos of them.

The only other card I have that 1-ups this one is a hockey card of Marian Hossa that has him listed as a Detroit Red Wing, pictured as a Pittsburgh Penguin, and has a jersey swatch from his time with the Atlanta Thrashers.


  1. That's a really neat card. Can't say I've ever seen anything like that before.

  2. Normally seeing multiple logos on a card for a player bugs me, but this rare oddity makes it really cool.