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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh, Panini, You Got Me On This One! (Wrong Swatch Replacement)

So, a few months back, I purchased a box of 2013-14 Dominion, and my one guaranteed autographed patch rookie card was of Ryan Spooner from the Boston Bruins. The card is numbered 78/299, and features and on-card autograph of the Bruins rookie. The only problem, was that it didn't feature, was a patch. All that was there was a plain black jersey swatch.

Knowing that Panini is good about standing behind their product, I sent it in to them, requesting a replacement, as at didn't feature what was promised. Part of it also, was to see if I could get a better looking swatch, with two, or maybe even three colors.

What I got back was a patch, but a solid black swatch, looking just the same as the original one I pulled. The odd thing is, though, that it is clearly a different card, with a different signature, but the same serial number. Did Panini send these out to the player unnumbered, and number them after they were returned? Did they send a fresh card to Spooner for him to sign to replace the damaged one?

Either way, even though the card looks exactly the same as my patch-less patch card, at least I now have a card that is as it was supposed to be.