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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2013-14 National Treasures Nathan MacKinnon Timeline Prime Jersey /50

While I've gotten my hands on all sorts of different cards of all sort of different varieties, the one thing I had yet to get my hands on was a Nathan MacKinnon hit. That is, until now.

The card comes from the Timeline insert set of 2013-14 National Treasures and is serial-numbered 36/50. It contains a die-cut of the player's name overlaying a single piece of prime jersey. In this case, there are actually four colors, which is pretty amazing, with blue, black, white, and a sliver of red right at the top. The card itself doesn't scan well, so i placed it on the scanner at a slight angle, to try and get some kind of clarity on the foil.

Not sure if that helped, but trust me when I say that this is one fantastic card.


  1. Might I ask a question? On eBay, I have seen this card with ?/50. Then there seems to be more the are ?/100. Does this mean it is not as rare, or there is another "set" of identical cards? I got one of these that was out of 50, but I see more on sale that are numbered out of 100. Why is this?

  2. Sorry, the others were out of 99, not 100.

  3. I think I found my answer on the Panini website. Under "National Treasures", there's "Rookie Timeline Jersey (?/99)", "Rookie Timeline Patch (?/25), and "Rookie Timeline Prime (?/50)". By the number, it seems we both have the "Rookie Timeline Prime". I'm just confused that all the cards look identical. I'm not well versed in these things I guess.