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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2013-14 Prime Zach Parise Prime Skates Extreme 1/1

While I've posted on some awesome cards I have pulled from packs over the past year, here's one I just received that moves to the top of the list of individual cards that I have purchased as singles. From 2013-14 Prime, it's a Zach Parise Prime Skates Extreme 1/1.

I actually got this card because of the Jamie Benn Prime Skates Extreme 1/1 I pulled from a box of Prime last month. After pulling the Benn, which has a Bauer logo literally bursting out of the cardboard, I posted it on a Facebook Hockey Card group that I am a part of. Before the evening was over, I negotiated a deal with a buyer that was simply too good for me to pass up. In the past, I have sold some high-dollar pulls, and ended up dispersing that Paypal to a few different ones, turning one awesome card into a few really good ones.

I was determined not to have that happen this time.

I'll admit that I did have a slight bit of seller's remorse, almost immediately, but a deal is a deal. To remedy that, I determined that what I needed to do, was use those funds to purchase an even better card, and turn it not into a sell, but really more of an upgrade. Looking at other Prime 1/1s on Ebay, I was concentrating mostly on Prime Skates Extreme, Prime Gloves Insignia, and Prime Ties. One card I came across was this Parise. The seller had it listed at WAY more than I was willing to spend, but he had a "best offer" option available. Upon looking at the listing, I realized that it was halfway into a 30-day listing period, and there had been no offers. I was hoping to eventually purchase the card at 50% of his listing price, so I gave him a low-ball offer of 40% thinking he would counter with the price I was hoping to pay. It took a few hours, but lo and behold, I would receive a message from Ebay saying that I had bought this item, meaning he accepted my offer. Not only that, but the price worked out that I would only have to add $25 to what I was paid for the Benn to Purchase the Parise. I was very happy with the "exchange rate" for the two cards.

Truthfully, between the Parise, the Benn, and the Pascal Dupuis that I already own, none of the scans of any of these cards do them justice. This one in particular has the fabric as almost a vinyl type of material, which gives it a texture and a slight amount of grey variation throughout. The logo itself is stamped in to the fabric, and it seems like there's just a slight amount of a sheen to the black and red coloring. What really sold me on this card, apart from the player it comes from is the stitching on either side of the logo, which signify it as coming from the heel of the skate. As cool as Benn's Bauer logo was, the heel placement and the stitching from it was just way too cool of a feature to pass up on.