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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2011-12 Limited Sidney Crosby Team Trademarks Aurographed Prime Jersey Card

Here is an item I have been eager to get my hands on for quite some time. A couple years ago, I went on a pretty hardcore spending spree with 2011-12 Limited. I was just starting to really go all in with hockey, and it was my first experience with a high-end set. Maybe for that reason, I was just blown away seeing the base cards, inserts, and hits of a high-quality set, and I still have an affection for this particular year of limited. 

In fact, on my very first pack of the product, I pulled a Sidney Crosby Prime jersey card numbered to 25, but I now have a card even better than that one.

This beauty comes from the Team Trademarks set, and actually is a parallel. The base version is just a basic insert, but rarer versions contain a jersey swatch or an autograph, or a combination of the two. This version is serial-numbered 23/25 and contains a prime jersey swatch, along with an on-card autograph. I always love the prime swatches, because you are always guaranteed to get that seam down the middle. A good patch is better, but you always run the risk of the dreaded single-colored patch. Either way, this one gives me a clean autograph and a beautiful two-colored memorabilia piece, making it an amazing addition to my collection.