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Monday, September 24, 2012

2011/12 Panini Prime Case Break Loot

I laid down some serious Paypal a couple of weeks ago on a case break of 2011-12 Panini Prime on Ebay. After waiting a day or two for the payments to all get in, and the breaker to record and post the video, I finally was able to determine how wise, or foolish, my investment was.

The video went along, for eight boxes, and I had pulled nothing more than two base cards, up until the VERY last card of the break, which turned out to be one of the best cards I have ever been lucky enough to pull out of a group break.

Despite being a redemption, I will soon be a proud owner of a Sidney Crosby Prime Signatures card. Now, this version is the Holo Silver variation, which is serial numbered to just five copies! This is exactly why collectors join breaks like this. I would never pony up the cash to purchase something with this rarity on the secondary market, but if you get lucky on a case break, these cards are well within your reach.

The only two other cards I got from the break were base cards of Mario Lemieux (63/249)...

and Kris Letang (34/249).

I guess that is always the risk with breaking high end product. You can hit it big, like I did, but the number of items you get back is usually few. Still, I was VERY happy with what I got out of this. I also bought into a case break of The Cup, which I got a big fat ZERO cards from. That was a shot to the gut, but sometimes you win big, and sometimes you lose big.

Dominion should be out later this week, and I'll likely be buying into a case break or two of that. Hopefully my Prime luck will cross over into that product, as well.


  1. Nice pull. I can't afford those higher end breaks, so I hope for luck on whatever I buy into. So far....not much luck.

    1. Rarely do I get this good of luck, but I've done enough to where I've at least been able to strike gold a couple of times.