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Group Break entries are now closed, the boxes have been ordered and secondary teams have been randomized. Follow THIS LINK for final team assignments.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best of Topps 2012 (So Far) Group Break - Part 3: Topps Jumbo

Here we are with our first Jumbo Box of Topps. First of all, I need to make a correction to an earlier claim. With the full set being pulled from packs of each jumbo boxes, I made the claim that each team would get a full team set from the Series 1 and Series 2 boxes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take into account the amount of multi-player league leaders cards. I still have not sorted through these cards completely, but there is a good chance that there will not be enough duplicates of these cards to send one to each team represented. I do apologize for that error on my part, but if I run into any problems with this, I will go through the duplicates that I already have in my own collection and do my best to fill in any gaps.

As far as the Golden Giveaway cards go, I will disperse them one to each team claimed.

Anyway, here we go.

Here are the scans:

Gold Parallel: Dee Gordon, Jeff Saunders, Jeff Weaver, Angel Pagan, JP Arencibia, Asdrubal Cabrera, Alex Liddi, Wakefield/Sabathia/Buehrle, Granderson/Cano/Gonzalez, Jones/Pujols/Helton

1987 Mini: Derek Jeter, Starlin Castro, Mariano Rivera, Jered Weaver, Troy Tulowitzki, Adrian Gonzalez, Joey Votto, Mike Stanton, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla

Timeless Talents: Ernie Banks/Troy Tulowitzki, Don Mattingly/Eric Hosmer, Frank Thomas/Paul Konerko, Luis Aparicio/Starlin Castro, Ryne Sandberg/Dan Uggla, Felix Hernandez/Michael Pineda, Joe Morgan/Brandon Phillips, Paul Molitor/Ryan Braun, Johnny Bench/Brian McCann, Frank Robinson/Jose Bautista

Golden Moments: Joey Votto, Jim Rice, Tim Thome (x2), Ichiro, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Upton, Joe Morgan, Carlton Fisk, Troy Tulowitzki

Gold Futures: JP Arencibia, Mark Trumbo, Dee Gordon, Mike Moustakas, Dustin Ackley, Ivan Nova, Aroldis Chapman, Zach Britton, Craig Kimbrel, Brandon Belt

Golden Greats: Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Albert Pujols, Cal Ripken Jr., Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter, Ty Cobb, Nolan Ryan

Gold Standard: John Smoltz, Willie Mays, Bob Gibson, Ernie Banks, Mickey Mantle, Tom Seaver, Andre Dawson, Frank Robinson, Al Kaline, Stan Musial

Classic Walk-Offs: Mickey Mantle, David Ortiz, Alfonso Soriano, Johnny Bench, Mark Teixeira, Jay Bruce

Home Run Legends: #1 Willie Mays, #4 Reggie Jackson (Yankees)
These have long since expired, but I will send them to the respective teams. Maybe your LCS still has the cards to be redeemed for.

Autos: Adam Lind, Brett Gardner
Manufactured World Series Pin: Willie Mays

After I had recorded the video, but before I had posted anything, NY Hitman 23 claimed and purchased the Giants. So, all of the Giants cards and hits I make reference of in the videos to keeping, will go to him.

Anyway, we're at the halfway point, with plenty of more to go. I was disappointed with the missing hit, but hopefully there aren't any objections to how I decided to make good on that.

I'll see you all tomorrow for Topps Series 2.

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