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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2011 Panini Plates & Patches 2-Pack Break

My LCS must have had these two boxes of Panini Plates & Patches sitting on the shelf untouched for a long time, because I got quite the deal on them. Never one to pass down a good sale, I decided to open up a couple packs and see how my luck would turn out.

Each pack comes inside a small box, and contains three autographs (one of which contains a piece of memorabilia), three relics, and five serial-numbered base cards. Here's what my two packs gave me:

On-Card Auto/Two-Color Patch of Taiwan Jones 227/499

A nice looking card, but it can be had for about 5 bucks on Ebay.

Eli Manning Jersey 121/199

Nothing wrong at all with pulling an Eli jersey, but for a high-end product, I don't want to see a plain white jersey. Sorry to be picky, but that's just the way it is.

The rest of the hits were less-than-spectacular, so I'll just do a quick rundown.

Shane Vereen Jumbo Jersey 43/50

Marcedes Lewis (another white) Jersey 45/48

Colin Cochart Rookie Auto 19/99

Marcus Cannon Rookie Auto 72/100

Base Cards: Aaron Rodgers 115/299, Michael Vick 180/299, Tarvaris Jackson 20/100, Buster Skrine Rookie 4/100, Charles Clay Rookie 38/50

With the best hit being a plain-white jersey swatch, I was REALLY hoping to get a better box with number two.

I would.

Jake Locker Auto/Jersey 10/25

I know it's the bane of most collectors' existence, but in this case, I was okay with this being a sticker auto. Granted, he may never have held this card in his hand, but with as many rookie auto cards are put into football products (and there ARE many), the way I see it, this allows me to get my hands on a great card. After all, I'd rather receive a sticker auto of a top-tier pick than an on-card of a fifth rounder.

Von Miller Rookie Auto Redemption /??

An auto of the number two pick in 2011. Not bad at all. Instead of flipping it on Ebay, I decided to redeem it myself. There aren't any of the actual card floating around, from what I can tell, and if they never get Miller's items back, I'm surious to see what the replacement will be.

Anyway, here's a quick look at the rest.

Akeem Ayers Rookie Auto 55/350

Terrell Suggs Jersey 286/299

Shonn Greene Prime Jersey 14/25

A.J. Green Rookie Blitz Jersey 286/299

(Notice the lack of plain white jersey swatches in this pack)

Base Cards: Knowshon Moreno 269/299, Mike Sims-Walker 50/299, Nick Fairley Rookie 16/100, Peyton Hillis 39/50, Jordan Todman Rookie 212/249

Well, there you have it. One good pack, one not-so-good pack. This pretty much goes to show you, that you can't judge a product by just one pack. The problem with going high-end, though, is that sometimes, one pack is all you get.

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