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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trip to the LCS and a Contest Plug

I had the day off of work today and tons of free time, so a trip to the LCS was in order. I was hoping to pick up a couple of jumbo packs from 2011 Topps baseball. He was all out, but I wasn't going to leave empty handed.

One of my favorite non-baseball sets this year was Topps Prime football. It has vibrant-full color fronts and reminds me of Stadium Club, which is a set I greatly miss. The hobby box there contained 10 packs of 6 cards, with four guaranteed hits per box. The dealer told me only three hits had been pulled, so it was likely that the last remaining pack would contain one. I figured, what the hell, and forked over the cash. Out of the six cards, two were Falcons and two were Steelers, plus I got a Texan insert of Ben Tate. I did get a hit, which turned out to be a jersey swatch of Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders numbered 42/420.

I also found a jersey card of Cubs hall-of-famer Billy Williams. The only catch was that it is from his Oakland days toward the end of his career. Still, a Cubs hall-of-famer is a Cubs hall-of-famer, and for only six bucks, I'm willing for it to be green instead of blue.

For all you contest fans out there, a fantastic giveaway is taking place over at Things Are Funner Here. Up for grabs is $50 store credit toward anything at CSN Stores. As a bonus, there will also be 2nd and 3rd place prizes, so check it out.

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