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Monday, February 7, 2011

Trade With Cardboard Collections

I just received a trade in the mail from Colbey, who blogs at Cardboard Collections. In exchange for some Braves and a few items off his baseball and WWE want lists, I received a few items for the 2009 Allen & Ginter set, plus what so far has been the best card I have ever traded for.

Looking at his "for trade" list, I saw a few cards from last years top two rookies (hobby related at least) and picked out the Posey and Strasburg cards from last year's Bowman Platinum

The next two cards were the prize of the package. Despite living in Houston, I'm not a huge Astros fan, but over the years, I have developed an appreciation for Craig Biggio. One of the first few cards Colbey brought to my attention was a patch card of Biggio's, which looks stunning. It's from 2003 Fleer Platinum and appears to be a swatch from the bottom corner of the A on the front of the jersey.

The top card of the package was an on-card auto of Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski from 2010 National Chicle. Despite being pretty apathetic toward Boston sports teams, Yastrzemski holds a significant place in baseball history as the last player to win the triple crown (1967).

Thanks for the trade Colbey. Your package is going out today. I made a few late additions, which I'm sure you will be happy with.


  1. Glad the cards arrived safely. I absolutely LOVE the cards you sent in return. I'm working on a trade post as we speak.

  2. Man that Biggio is a sick, sick card. Nice pick-ups!