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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Topps Diamond Card Giveaway

It looks like Topps has launched their Diamond Giveaway site today. While there isn't much of a clear description of what it all entails, it appears to be just like the Million Card Giveaway from last year, with a few bonuses added in. With 11 codes in my possession, let's see what I have.

Code 1: 2007 Topps Rocco Baldelli

Code 2: 2007 Topps Rob Mackowiak

Code 3: 1992 Topps Charlie Liebrandt

Code 4: 1974 Topps Jim Beauchamp

Code 5: 1975 Topps Enos Cabell

Code 6: 2007 Topps Phillies Team Card

Code 7: 1995 Topps Greg Harris

Code 8: 1973 Topps John Strohmayer

Code 9: 1990 Topps Mike Brumley

Code 10: 1963 Topps Bob Bolin

Code 11: 1986 Topps Milt Wilcox

Not too bad. Let's face it, most of what you'll cash in on these is commons anyway, but it was nice to have one-third of the cards coming from the 70s or before. Now, in addition to redeeming the cards, you also have the option to "dig" for other prizes. I have 11, but Topps apparently is still working on this feature. It isn't quite working properly, so I'll have to try later and see what happens. I guess you can't expect for it to work properly the day of launch. You SHOULD expect for it to work properly, but I guess you can't expect that. Oh well, more on this later.


  1. Cool, this is the first I've seen of these. Although there does seem to be a little bit too much post 90's stuff in your first haul for my taste.

  2. Yeah. Three cards out of eleven is WAY too many for that HIDEOUS 2007 set.

  3. I sent this message to Topps Customer service and did not receive a response. Hello,

    I purchased 3, $7.99 (4 packs plus a topps Diamond Giveaway code card ) 2011 Topps Baseball packages. When I tried to unlock the codes, I received an error message stating that the code had already been unlocked. Prior to this experience I had successfully unlocked over 50 code cards with no problem. After opening the first two packages, with bad results, I looked under the clear plastic packaging and realized the codes could be seen without opening the package. It appears that someone has devised a way to steal the codes from this type of product. I purchased the 3, packs from a Target store in Northridge, California. (Los Angeles County). The store is located on Corbin Avenue.