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Monday, August 11, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI, Part 1

The blog-world's biggest (and only, I think) box-busting game is finally here, as Gint-A-Cuffs VI is finally on.

This is good for a couple reasons. For one, it gives bloggers a great game of interactivity and interaction, with some really great prizes on the line. Two, it actually gets me to buy some baseball cards! I haven't really gotten into much baseball this year, and after the Tier One box I purchased last month, this marks just the second baseball product of 2014 for me.

So, what I'll do is post these packs in groups of six, to prevent me from having just one long-winded post, and will point out all my point-earning (or subtracting) cards, with a running total after each pack.

So, here it goes.

Box Topper:
5-card mini pack of red-bordered cards, numbered /33

Miguel Cabrera Red Mini 7/33
Ralph Kiner Red Mini 33/33
Rod Carew Red Mini 27/33
Shelby Miller Red Mini 8/33
Allen Craig Red Mini 23/33

These box-toppers are great, and MUCH better than a jumbo card of the Grand Canyon. The points for these, however, will have to wait, as the commissioner is deciding what to do with these. I'll have to post an update later with the final score.

Pack 1:

Erik Johnson 334 (+2)
Dwight Gooden Pastime's Pastimes PP-DG (+2)
Tim Lincecum 32 (+2)
Pedro Teixeira Into the Unknown ITU-09 (+3)

Pack Total: 9
Box Total: 9

Pack 2:

Christian Yelich 320 (+2)
John Smoltz Pastime's Pastimes PP-JSM (+2)
Diana Nyad Mini A&G Back 62 (+2)

Pack Total: 6
Box Total: 15

Pack 3:

Chris Sale 39 (+2)
Moscow, Russia World's Capitals WC-03 (+2)

Pack Total: 4
Box Total: 19

Pack 4:

Annibal Sanchez 311 (+2)
Roger Maris 1 (-1)
Jacoby Ellsbury Pastime's Pastimes PP-JE (+1)
Michael Wacha Mini A&G Back NNO (+6)

Pack Total: 8
Box Total: 27

Pack 5:

Ben Zobrist Mini Black 174 (+3)
F-15 Eagle Air Supremacy AS-20 (+2)

Pack Total: 5
Box Total: 32

Pack 6:

Cave of Crystals Natural Wonders NW-03 (+2)

Pack Total: 2
Box Total: 34

Here are the backs of the two mini parallels. I am posting them here, simply because I forgot to flip them around in the original scans. This should serve to verify that they are the cards that I claim they are.

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Once the dust settles from your break I would love to trade you for the Kiner.

    1. The card already sold on Ebay. Sorry, I should have set it aside for you, knowing you would be interested.

    2. No problem. Good luck with the rest of your box.

  2. thats a bummer I missed those selling... I am doing the crazy and trying to put the red border set together...i am over 100 now... could have used the carew and the 2 cardinals.....