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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

12-13 Crosby Prime Signatures Gold 2/5

To go along with the 2013-14 Prime Redemption from yesterday, I also recently added this beauty from last year's product:

From 2012-13 Prime, this is the Gold Parallel of the Prime Signatures insert, numbered 2/5. I won it in an Ebay auction, and while I ended up spending just a bit more than I had originally intended, I just couldn't let this one pass me by. I pulled the /5 Prime Signatures Parallel from 2011-12 in a case break, and I needed this one as a companion. It's a bit silly, especially considering there is no /5 in 2013-14. Besides that, though, I just love the look of this card. More than the year before and the year after this particular one was released, the signature is spotlighted more strongly, as the horizontal design gives it more space overall, and allows for it to be signed in the center, instead of towards the bottom of a vertical design.