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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Risk of Buying Autos in the Offseason

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to win an ebay lot of nine autographed Cubs cards. Less than a month later, I'm left with one-third of them still on the team. Here's the rundown:

Carlos Marmol: Currently with the team
Carlos Zambrano: Traded to the Marlins
Angel Guzman: Signed with the Dodgers

Andrew Cashner (x2) : Traded to the Padres
Carlos Pena: Currently with the team
D.J. LeMahieu: Traded to the Rockies
Sean Marshall: Traded to the Reds
Marlon Byrd: Currently with the team

Oh well. That's what happens when your team rebuilds. Still some great looking cards, and hopefully my loss will lead to a great amount of success down the road.

EDIT: And with Pena signing with the Rays, that brings me to 2/9.


  1. I think Pena is a free agent and unlikely to be back. They really seem to be shopping Byrd too, not to mention Marmol.

  2. That's the joy of baseball cards though. These guys are forever Cubbies on these cards. I still collect cards of former Rockies as long as the Colorado uniform or name is on the card.

  3. I like that OPC auto...nice simple clean design.

  4. I agree with Hiflew...those are Cubbie autos and always will be.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I still love all these cards and will keep each one of them, I was just surprised, when I looked at it, just how many of them are no longer with the team, just one month later. I think that's the fun with the hobby though. Just when you think you are getting somewhere, these things happen, which give you a whole lot more players to go after and an optimistic look to the season ahead.

  6. Pena's a Ray. Good riddance, I say!

  7. You're a poet. Maybe you know it.