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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Couple of Recent Trades, a Break, and a Draft

In the interest of catching up on trades and breaks that were completed weeks ago, this will be short. Not because I'm lazy, but because I've forgotten about most of the details.

The first was from Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle. I've completed a few trades with Greg since I began blogging, and am always happy with what I get in return. This was no exception, as he knocked a few cards off my 2011 Allen & Ginter want list, which is drawing close to completion. He also sent over an autographed ard of new Cub David DeJesus, and a cool Jeff Samardzija A&G relic card.

I also completed a trade with Kyle at Juuuust a Bit Outside. Kyle Sent me a LARGE number of Allen & Ginter cards for my 2011 set, as well as some Topps base and Allen & Ginter. there were even quite a few of those ellusive SPs thrown in there. I'm ashamed to say that I still haven't gotten his cards out to him quite yet, but I'm trying to get things back in to gear. Sorry for the delay, Kyle.

I also was fortunate to win a contest for my very first printing plate, which is also my first one-of-one. Cheap Card Collecting had a contest for a mysterious plate that was pulled out of 2006 Upper Deck Ultimate. All you had to do was guess the team that the player played for and the first correct one wins. I guessed the Cubs, and won a blue (or is it cyan?) plate of Derrek Lee. That name may not mean much now, but this was a pretty big pull back in '06.

Lastly, I think, was a card draft hosted by Cameron at Cardboard Heaven. I made out pretty well, with an autographed rookie card of a 2011 All Star, a serial-numbered Ernie Banks, and rookie cards of guys named Hamilton, Teixeira, Beckett, and Molina. There were also a few minor league cards that I don't mind having, I just don't want to pay good money to try and get them out of packs. Anyway, here are scands of the hits, the rookies, and the Cubs.

Anyway, that's what I got int he mail before I took a break to travel for my wife's surgery. On one hand, due to what was going on, I wasn't able to dedicate the time to writing, but on the other hand, with everything that I was dealing with, it was nice to get some manilla envelopes in my mailbox.


  1. Thanks again for another great trade!

  2. Hope your wife is doing well.

    How's your F/M weather? Warm as everywhere else?

    Still waiting on your reply to my email from Jan. 3rd...