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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Topps Diamond Die Cut Experiment Part 2

Okay, everybody, after being successful in my quest to turn a common (in this instance, D-Backs 2B Kelly Johnson) from the 2011 Topps Diamond Die Cut set into a Josh Hamilton from the same set, I decided to see exactly how far I could take it. While the Great Ham-bino was the ultimate goal of round 1, I feel as though I could have gone further.

So begins round two. I'll be pushing my bartering and haggling skills to their fullest extent, as I try to turn a common die cut into a rare black diamond die cut card. I don't have a particular player in mind, although in a perfect world, it would be Hamilton, Ernie Banks, or Starlin Castro.

To start things off, I needed to get me my die cut. I had a 1968 common and a 1969 common that I was more than willing to part with, so I put out a bunch of offers (160, to be exact) of each of those cards for any die cut that I figured someone actually might part with. After five days of no responses, I put the '68 and '69 together and offered the pair up. I hadn't even gotten through the Arizona Diamondbacks, when an offer was accepted for, you guessed it...

The great thing about this, is that I get to start from the EXACT same point as I did in the first round. The last one took me just a week. This one, I'm sure, will take me MUCH longer.


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