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Group Break entries are now closed, the boxes have been ordered and secondary teams have been randomized. Follow THIS LINK for final team assignments.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Group Break Haul From My Cardboard Mistress

Spankee, who runs My Cardboard Mistress, recently held a different kind of group break. From what I understood, there were a whole lot of packs and blasters he opened, hoping to find a few set needs, but had little to no use for the rest. He ran the break similar to the way most go, but based the pricing of the teams on that team's salary. So, naturally, the Yankees were the priciest, and teams like the Royals were cheapest. I picked up the Cubs, and while I didn't receive any hits out of the break, I was VERY happy with the manilla envelope I found in my mailbox.

The Bowman Chrome card is a really cool-looking die-cut and the rest are all serial numbered. The Finest Mickey Morandini is numbered 43/100, the top Soriano 575/699 and the one beneath it 13/149, the Derrek Lee/Prince Fielder is 7/149, and the Soriano beneath that one is 28/699.

I also liked these. Two really cool Kerry Wood Topps Finest cards and a Bowman Chrome Darwin Barney rookie. The Rogers Hornsby shows what I liked about Gypsy Queen. It took a lot of older players and put them in uniforms we never really seen them in, since it may have just been a year or two at the ends of their careers. I hadn't seen the Propaganda cards from 2009 Topps before getting that Soriano, but I really like that concept.

There were TONS of other cards included along with these, but the ones pictured here are my favorites. It was quite a good haul with this break.


  1. I'm just about to open my package from the break!

  2. I believe the cubs were the only team from the break that didn't get a hit in which I also didn't have any hits in my own collection. Oh well, I tried to load it with some nice stuff, so I'm glad you are happy!