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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Sold This Card

A couple of months ago, I decided to clean out my useless autos and relics, hoping to earn some Paypal, with which to purchase some cards that I actually want. One of those cards was a David DeJesus autograph from Gypsy Queen. Got me a whole $1.04 for the card, and though nothing more of it.

Sure enough, DeJesus just signed a two-year deal with the Cubs. He is projected to be the starting rightfielder, taking over for Kosuke Fukudome, who departed the team at the 2011 trade deadline. 

New Cubs president Theo Epstein, who pursued DeJesus at the 2010 trade deadline said in a article that while DeJesus might not have the statistical numbers that make him stand out, what he does have is a completely well-rounded style of play.

"You can't necessarily point to anything with David and say, 'Hey this guy is going to hit you 30 home runs,' because he's not. You can't say he's going to hit .320, because outside of one year, he's not going to do that either. He's not going to steal you 40 bags. But I like players whose contribution is consistent across the board. They help you defensively, they can swing the bat, they have good consistent at-bats, they run the bases well. The totality of their contribution can be equal to or more than the player who does one thing extremely well. If we have a club full of well-rounded players, we'll far exceed the expectations, because those subtle contributions really add up."

While this signing won't blow anything out of the water, and might be passed on by everybody, I see it as the first step in the Theo Epstein regime. I'm not sure what other Cub fans feel about Theo, but the bottom line is, he has a record of winning. He took a team that hadn't won the World Series in, I think, 86 years, and turned them into two-time champs and perennial contenders.

While the DeJesus signing doesn't mean we get considerably better as a team, it is the first step in what I hope to be the right direction.

Now we just have to get Pujols.

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  1. I have a DeJesus Gypsy Queen Auto, if you're interested....