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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Promise You, I'm Not A Pack Searcher

I went to my local Target the other day and picked up a few packs of baseball and football cards. From baseball, I picked up 8 packs of Gypsy Queen (the rest of what was left) and wasn't expecting much. The packs were laying vertically in the box, leaning on one side, meaning someone that molested these packs like a creepy uncle, so I wasn't expecting much. I didn't get much, either, until a few packs in, I found this guy.

For football, I picked up a rack pack of 2011 Prestige. I like the line, if for no other reason, than my 5 bucks gets me 40 cards. Not being as much of a football fan, as seemingly everyone else in America, I like to keep up my football collection, while not going overboard. Since I don't buy a whole lot of football product, it made me happy to see this card staring at me:

Needless to say, it was a rather successful outing.

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