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Friday, July 22, 2011

Got Me Some Ginter

Seeing as though I don't have a hundred bucks lying around, and I never have enough patience to accumulate that much in PayPal fromt he ebay items I sell, I settled on getting a few rack packs of Allen & Ginter.

I didn't pull any relics, but from the looks of what relics are pulled, that doesn't appear to be that bad of a thing. I was happy, however, when I saw this card:

Oh, wait, let me give you a better view of it:

A Bazooka Red Back numbered 13/25. With a brand new release, people are buying this up at some pretty decent prices. (And yes, I do have it up on ebay.) It took me all of five rack packs to pull one of these hand-numbered beauties. Last year, I opened 4 hobby boxes, three blasters, and a bunch of loose pack and pulled just one, a Davis Price (which I also have up on ebay,) so I'd say my luck has started out pretty good.

I still planning on buying a box or two at some point, but after reading Sam's posts (here, here, and here) at The Daily Dimwit, I might have to lean over to Goodwin Champions for my box buying. Not only has it gotten MUCH better reviews from not only Sam, but a bunch of other bloggers, but it's a great looking set and has a MASSIVE hockey checklist for the product, among other sports. Plus, it just seems like a FUN product to open.

That being said, I'm STILL going for the Ginter set this year. It still looks fantastic, it still has some really cool inserts (MUCH cooler than the lame, generic ones of 2010), and it still has a cool mix of non-baseball figures. I just might get it via trades, ebay, and loose packs, instead of boxes.

1 comment:

  1. My 2 boxes of hobby A&G were lack luster...though I did get one of those Flora of the World mini cards you can plant or keep!

    I have enjoyed what little Goodwin Champions I've opened. I'd go for a box of it too if I had the money.