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Monday, January 11, 2016

Panini Redemption Redeemed: Valeri Nuchuskin Prime Quad Rookies 177/199

After not too long of a wait, I got the redemption for my Valeri Nichushkin Prime Quad Rookies card that I pulled from a box of 2013-14 Panini Prime a month or so ago. This one features an on-card autograph, as well as four jersey swatches, and is numbered 177/199. 

While I tend to not like white jersey swatches so much, the fact that they are accompanied by the black helps. I also like that the texturing of the fabric is going in different directions, which lets you know that there are four pieces of fabric, instead of two larger ones. It's a small detail that might not matter to some, but it makes a difference to me.

I'm still waiting on the other redemption, which is a dual autographed card of Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman. Depending on who they are waiting on with this, I'm not sure if it'll ever be returned, considering Howe's health issues. Part of me is willing to wait forever if I need to, but another part is considering asking for a replacement, just to see what such a high-dollar card could get me in exchange. I'm playing the waiting game for the time being, but my curiosity has definitely been sparked.

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  1. It's turning very much into a game of roulette with Panini now I think. Given they don't have an NHL license anymore, I am not sure how much effort they are putting into fulfilling the redemptions with the actual cards. I had a quad auto from 13-14 Contenders which featured 4 rookie defensemen which included Dumba, Trouba and two others which was sadly replaced with a Daniel Carcillo Namesakes Auto. I am hopeful you are able to get that Howe/Yzerman card because it would undoubtedly be killer and not some scrub card of "comparable" value.