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Friday, January 22, 2016

2014-15 The Cup Ryan Johansen Signature Patches 61/99

Most of the time, I'll buy a card for a purpose. Either it's a player/team I collect, a set that I'm working on, or I'm getting ready to send out some TTM requests. Other times, however, I buy a card simply because it looks great and is at a good price. This is one of those cards.

From 2014-15 The Cup, this is a Ryan Johansen Signature Patches card, numbered 61/99. The patch itself appears to come from the Civil War hat located on the shoulder patch, and it features what is known as one of the worst-looking signatures in the NHL today. It is up for trade if anyone is interested, and if not, I'm perfectly content keeping it.


  1. Card: 10/10
    Signature: -2/10

    Seriously Ryan, was your hand that tired by this point?

  2. Sadly his signature has been that way since he broke into the league. I have an very uninspired auto rookie of his too.