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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Bunch of Cards from Ebay Part 5: Trade Bait and a Texan

To close out this series of posts, we basically have the random singles that are left over, combined with cards I got for the sole purpose of trading.

The one "keeper" of this particular post is this 2008 Ultimate Collection Steve Slaton Ultimate Rookie Big Materials card, numbered 8/40. This piece is pretty different from a lot of what we see nowadays, in that they manage to put fabric on both sides of the card. On the front, there's a really nice three-colored patch piece, and the back contains a white jersey swatch. There was so much card surface taken up by fabric, that Upper Deck actually issued a separate companion card to this that contained all of the fine print and authenticity guarantee.


Lastly, we have all the traders. I won't go into any detail about who the players are, or what made me purchase them. Really, I purchased them because they were between $1-$2 each, and I figured there was a chance that I could trade some of them for cards that would better suit my collection.

2011-12 Ultimate Mark Scheifele Signatures

2011-12 Ultimate Brayden Schenn Signatures

2013 Tribute Brett Lawrie 9/35

2013 Tier One Zack Cozart On the Rise 167/399

2014 Triple Threads Enny Romero21/99

2014 Triple Threads Chris Owings 30/99

2013 Triple Threads Jedd Gyorko

2011 Triple Threads Tommy Hanson 19/99

2011 Triple Threads Justin Masterson 2/99

That's pretty much it for this group of cards. Like I said, most of these are up for trade, so if you see anything you like, be sure to let me know.

Also, if you haven't checked it out already, visit and follow/subscribe to my other blog Not Pulled From Packs. That one focuses on my autographed memorabilia collection, which contains quite a few really cool items, and I have a show coming up at the end of this month that will definitely be adding quite a few more to the collection.

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