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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Bunch of Cards from Ebay Part 2: Cubs

In my Ebay buying frenzy, I added quite a few new Penguins to my collection, and a few Cubs, as well, although there weren't a whole lot of options for my baseball team. Still, I was able to pick up a few, including one redemptions, so here's what I came away with.

2014 Triple Threads Mike Olt Sepia /75
While I'm not a huge fan of redemptions, I am a bit more patient than other collectors, especially when I know that the card has already been returned and begun shipping out. So, in a couple weeks or so, I should have this card in my hands.

2013 Elite Extra Edition Rock Shoulders 248/267
I don't love that Elite cards too much, since it's essentially a minor league set. It's really a crapshoot as to whether or not these players amount to anything on a professional level. I'm ok with it either way, though, because Rock Shoulders is such a great name, I'm happy to have this card in my collection no matter what. 

2012 Bowman Chrome Shawon Dunston Jr.
The son of a Cubs mainstay in the 80s and 90s, Shawon Dunston Jr. is hoping to break in with the team his father spent the majority of his career. He spent the 2014 season with the Kane County Cougars, the Cubs' Class A affiliate.

Not a whole lot of Cubs, but I got a couple decent ones. Tomorrow bringssome of the coolest cards I got from this group: baseball hall of famer autographs.

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