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Monday, November 3, 2014

2011-12 Limited Scott Gomez Stanley Cup Winners Autograph /99

While Scott Gomez's star has fallen over the past few years, this was a card that I just had to have.
2011-12 Limited Stanley Cup Winners 95/99

From 2011-12 Limited, This is an autographed parallel of the Stanley Cup Winners insert set. The card itself has a black background, with a bright, silver image of the Stanley Cup, surrounded by an image of the player, and the logo of the team he won it with. While Gomez won the Cup twice with the New Jersey Devils, but this card specifically focuses on his first Cup victory in 2000.

That is a particularly significant one for me, as my family and I just so happened to be visiting relatives in Anchorage, AK in the summer of 2000. Gomez, an Anchorage native, had his "Day with the Cup" while we were there, and he brought it to one of the local parks, where fans had the opportunity to have their picture taken with it.

That's why I'll always be a Gomez fan, especially if I can get my hands on something that commemorates that particular Stanley Cup victory.

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