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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Panini Redemption Redeemed: 2013-14 Domonion Beau Bennett Emerald Parallel /5

In the midst of giving up on a number of pending redemptions from Panini, there is one that I got recently that I would wait for as long as I needed to. 

Back in April, I took part in a Dominion case break, picking up my beloved Penguins and ended up with just two cards. The first was an on-card autographed rookie of Jeff Zatkoff, numbered /299, and the second was a redemption. It may have been a redemption, but it was a good one, as it would eventually net me a Beau Bennett autographed patch rookie, and it was the Emerald parallel numbered/5.

After just a couple month of waiting, the card made it to my house, and it is a beauty:

The one nervous thing about redemptions is that you never really know what kind of patch you will get. I'm happy with this one, though, as I get three different fabrics, with the black patch, white patch border, and white jersey. I also lucked out in getting the 1/5 serial-number, making this card the very first one produced (or at least, the very first one stamped). There was actually a small amount of chipping in the foil on the bottom of the card, but seeing as though I am not planning on selling this card anyway, I'm not going to complain too much about it. I'm just happy to have this card in my collection.

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