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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Couple More Redemption Replacements from Panini

Not too long after requesting a couple replacement that netted me some nice looking football cards, I also put in a couple other redemption replacement requests. Here's a quick look at what I gave up on, and what I got in return.

Redeemed: 2013-14 Dominion Lecavalier Autographed Patch /99

Replaced With: 2011-12 Limited Wendel Clark Men of Mayhem auto 159/199

Redeemed: 2012-13 Brilliance (Basketball) Dennis Scott Marks of Brilliance auto /199

Replaced With: 2012-13 Luxury Suite Philippe Cornet Rookie auto/jersey 77/99

Despite not collecting either player or the team they play for, I was ok with both of these. Initially, I was a little less than thrilled with giving up an autographed patch card of Lecavalier for just an autographed card of Clark. However, I have already traded the Clark for a MUCH better card than either that one or the Lecavalier, so it all turned out good in the end. (I'll post on that when I get it.) The Cornet is still in my possession, though, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

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