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Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Topps Tribute - One More Pack

Okay, once more I decided to give 2012 Topps Tribute a shot. Maybe it's a gimmick, but I REALLY like the encased hits. Even though it's basically the same type of stuff they have done before with autos & relics, it just SEEMS like a better hit when it comes in a sealed case.

I had some EXTREMELY good luck with the hockey cards I bought that day (post here) and while my Tribute luck wasn't quite as good, it wasn't the worst pack, either. Here's the results, with a VERY familiar face as the hit.

Base: Willie McCovey, Ty Cobb, Matt Holliday

Serial-Numbered Parallel: Hanley Ramirez 102/299

Hit: Mike Stanton Auto 46/50

Seriously, I should become a Mike Stanton collector with the amount of hits I pull of his. There's the EPIC pull from 2011 Heritage (here), plus a low-numbered jersey and serial-numbered parallel from the same pack of 2012 Tribute (here). That being said, Stanton has a sweet-looking signature and this is a beautiful looking card. If only I was a Marlins collector, I'd be having A LOT of fun with Tribute.


  1. I like the base cards. They look pretty nice.

  2. I used to have the same luck with Hank Blalock. I almost ALWAYS pulled a Blalock hit with each hobby box I busted.

    1. It wouldn't be so bad if it was Pujols, but no, I get Mike Stanton.

  3. you would to trade for it just let me know!

  4. I have a Dawson auto i could send you for the Stanton