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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trip the the LCS On My Anniversary

The Wife and I just celebrated our five year anniversary last Friday, and like any married couple with kids, we had to wait until we got a sitter before we went out to celebrate. Luckily, since we just relocated to Fargo, I have a few family members in the area, and my aunt is more than happy co come by and look after the girls for a bit.

We went out to dinner at a Mongolian restaurant (because she let me pick) and then headed over to the mall to look for Christmas presents for ourselves. At 31, I'm beyond the need for surprises. Just let me pick something out and wrap it up, and I'll still be very appreciative Christmas morning. After going to Express and finding nothing to us my $20 off of $40 coupons on, we split up. I'm one of the few guys lucky enough to be married to a woman who is willing to not make me go shopping with her at the mall. She goes her way. I go mine. Then we just meet up at the end and hope the other person didn't spend too much money.

Anyway, my LCS, Big Nick's Sports Cards, is located in the mall, so I decided to drop by and check out some singles. They have a GU/Auto box that I usually rifle through, with some decent cards at 5 for $15. After finding my five, here's what I came home with:

2010 Topps Chrome Tyler Colvin Autograph: I actually saw this card a week ago, and it's's actually the card I came in to get. Not only is he one of Chicago's hot young stars, but this is a really cool looking signature.

2009Upper Deck NFL Draft Edition Brian Cushing RC Auto: The nice thing about moving out of Houston being a Texans fan is you can get stuff on the cheap. I basically got this card for 3 buck, but down in Houston, this would cost me $20, easy.

2011-2012 Upper Deck Jordan Staal Jersey: One of my favorite Penguins right now. Plus, I really like the jersey card design Upper Deck put out this year. The last couple have been pretty boring, but they stepped it up for their most recent release.

2009 Donruss Threads Rhett Bomar Dual Jersey 3/250: I like Bomar, because he's one of the few players from my alma mater, Sam Houston State University to make it far enough in the pros to have a decent amount of cardboard. I already have an aout of his on a NY Giants card, but no jerseys. This one was double-sweet, because the picture depicts him in Breakat orange and white. I find VERY few SHSU cards, as can be expected with any 1-AA school, so I try to get whatever I can. Plus, according to the card back, the jersey was worn in a college game. No "event-worn" here!

2011 Topps Lineage Clayton Kershaw Jersey: I'm not the biggest Kershaw guy. I don't hate him, I just don't have much interest in him. I got this card purely as trade bait, since I know there are a couple of Dodgers collectors out there that might be interested in it.

Well there you have it. Not bad for 15 bucks on an anniversary night.