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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just Curious

As I was going through my Cubs cards and player collections earlier, I was noticing, especially with my overproduction-era cards, that I have a ridiculous amount of duplicates. What I was wondering, is for those of you with team or player collections, do you keep EVERY card you get for those, or do you just keep one copy and move the rest?


  1. I had a 5,000 count box full of mostly junk wax era stuff. I took out one of each, and gave the rest of the box to my neighbor kids. They're in middle school.

  2. I keep one copy and then move the rest somehow. I know lots of other Red Sox collectors but I still end up with cards I can't get rid of. I once sold a 5000 count box of Red Sox doubles/triples/quadruples on ebay that I had already filled the wantlists of at least 6 other Red Sox collectors out of.

  3. It depends... certain things, like rookie cards and autographs, I'll sometimes keep duplicates of. But for the most part, I keep one... and trade or give away the rest to my students or nephew.