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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Topps Diamond Die Cut Experiment

After trying to flip a Ryne Sandberg die cut and work my way into something extra, and failing miserably, I got my hands back on the ellusive Ryno die cut. However, I didn't get out of it completely unscathed, as I am now short one Josh Hamilton.

I did, however, find myself with a completely useless die cut card of Diamondbackssecond baseman Kelly Johnson. Who? Exactly. Still, I decided to make the most out of it and try an experiment. Could I, through nothing but one-on-one trades, turn this card into a Josh Hamilton?

By trading for players just slightly better, I'm hoping to transform this useless card into something I really want. So far, I'm up to Fransisco Liriano. This should be fun.


  1. If you're interested, I'll trade you a Torii Hunter DDC for the Liriano. Let me know and we can work it out!

  2. I appreciate the offer, but I've already traded away the Liriano. I'm up to soon-to-be-former Cub Aramis Ramirez now.