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Sunday, January 16, 2011

WWE Platinum Blaster

One thing I have discovered as a card collector is how difficult it can be to find someone with that shared interest. I am also a HUGE professional wrestling fan, which hasn't really been socially cool since the late '90s. However, finding other WWE card collectors? An even more difficult task. But still, even though I may never strike up any trades for wrestling products, they can still be cool to have, especially with sets such as WWE Platinum.

I have purchased a few blasters of this year's Topps set, which like football, is modelled the same as baseball, but with Platinum, they reall put some thought into this. The overall design is fantastic. They have kind of a spotlight on the wrestlers, with makes the action stand out just a little more, and unlike some other Topps products (I'm looking at you, Chrome), there's no kind of warping to be seen anywhere.

Each pack comes with a "Rainbow" card, which is similar to a refractor from the Chrome set and produced on a thicker card stock. I suppose this is a way to detract pack searchers from pulling all of the relics out of a box. My blaster provided me with a Triple H, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. There was also a green parallel (388/499) of Vladimir Kozlov. I also found two seperate insert sets. The first is called Platinum Performance, which features stand-out moments from WWE's history. One, Snuka's leap off a 15-foot steel cage at MSG in 1983 was a moment so iconic, that many wrestlers (including Mick Foley) were inspired to become wrestlers. The other is a bit more questionable. DH Smith and Tyson Kidd winning the tag titles? The description notes that it was the first time a member of the Hart family held a title since the British Bulldog held the Hardcore Championship in 2000, ut I still think it's a bit of a stretch.

The other insert set revolves around two-sided cards and looks at wrestlers of the present and compares them to wrestlers of the past. My blaster gave me three: John Cena/Dusty Rhodes, Rey Mysterio/Ricky Steamboat and a gold version of Kane/Bam Bam Bigelow (10/50). What they tried to do with these is find one common attribute with the two wrestlers. For example, with Cena/Rhodes it was fan popularity, with Mysterio/Steamboat it was smaller guys who could compete with the main-eventers, and with Kane/Bigelow it was being intimidating monsters.

Now while my box yielded me zero cards of The Miz, John Morrison, or CM Punk, I was incredibly happy with what I opened. These are the best-looking WWE cards I have ever seen and well worth the money.

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  1. Well now you've found yourself another wraslin' fan and collector! I opened a hobby box of Platinum earlier this month and it was a blast. Any chance that Cena/Dusty Rhodes card is available for trade?