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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Contest Winnings from Play at the Plate

I was lucky enough to win a contest from Brian at Play at the Plate this month, and due to a mix-up, I got a much better package than originally expected. The contest I won was based on those $5 cello-packs that contain a few hall of famers, but mostly commons from the junk wax era, but what I got was a jumbo pack of 2007 Upper Deck and a jumbo packs of Topps 2010 Update. While the Upper Deck pack gave me nothing more than a Scott Kazmir to add to my PC, the Topps Update pack was FANTASTIC!

It was my first pack of update so far, but it got me off to a good start. It got me my first Strasburg (who I'm not convinced won't be this generation's Brien Taylor) as well as my first Kerry Wood in a Yankees uniform, which is almost as short-lived as Lance Berkman in a Yankees uniform. It also got me my second SP of a baseball legend in Reggie Jackson (the first being Brooks Robinson).

I also redeemed this card from MCG:

Which I then traded for this one:

Another card to add to my vintage Cubs collection.

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