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Monday, February 13, 2017

My First Trade in a Long Time

Well, I just completed my first trade in quite a while, with Doug at Sportscards from the Dollar Store. I haven't traded in quite a long time, but this was quite a good one for me, as it is helping me meet some of my major collecting goals.

Doug picked up a case of 2013-14 Panini Rookie Anthology, and was able to pull some really good cards at a great price.

One of the main card that I wanted was this Matt Dumba autographed jersey card from Luxury Suite numbered 28/99. Dumba is one of the best defensemen on a great Minnesota Wild team that is doing some amazing things this year. I already have an autographed puck and a dew cards of his, and I am very happy to add one more.

Apart from the Dumba card, I also got 40 cards from the Score Update set. These cards were inserted as inserts in Rookie Anthology to update players who had switched teams during the season and add rookies who made their NHL debut after the original set was produced. I am working on trying to get as many of these cards autographed as possible, since they look great when signed, so this is a big help, as a full set of update is much hard (and more expensive) to come by.

After making this deal, it made me realize how much I miss trading, as it is one of the most fun aspects of this hobby. So if anyone has any interest in my traders, let me know, and we can work out a deal.

As always, thanks for the trade, Doug!

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  1. Score Update is a nice set, I just bought a box of Score and now I want to finish the whole set. Not an easy task!

    I'd be happy to look at your tradelist, I'm sure I've got some Penguins or other set/player needs for you. I'll bookmark this page & get back to you tonight.