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Monday, January 9, 2017

Marc-Andre Fleury Autographed Patch Card from 2015-16 The Cup

I have, so far, opened up two tins of Upper Deck's super high-end product, The Cup. The first one was the 2012-13 release, and then again for 2014-15. It is a very pricey product, with some major hits in it, and the most valuable rookie cards you will find all year. I might have to sit this year out, though, as Connor McDavid's rookie year has jumped the price up to $700 for a six-card tin. Yikes!

Still, you can pick up some singles for a pretty decent price, and I was able to grab my first one with this Marc-Andre Fleury autographed patch card

This card comes from the Limited Logos set and it serial numbered 16/50. It is signed right on the card, and features a large piece of the patch from the front of the sweater. I suppose the idea of "Limited Logos" is to be sure that the patch is from the actual team logo, instead of a number. Once I saw this card, I just had to have it, especially considering the patch. It comes from the skate of the penguin, and there is a great amount of detail shown here. Some patches are better than others, but as far as this team goes, it doesn't get too much better than this.


  1. Whoa! That is super cool. Fleury has been great this past month. Nice to have that kind of experience around Murray.

  2. Wow. Top notch patch there. Fleury has been a great goaltender for the Pens for so long despite the emergence of Murray, I am sure any Pens fan would appreciate that beauty.