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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2015-16 Fleer Showcase Box Break

I think I got this box almost two months ago, but really just never got around to posting it, despite scanning the cards and basically doing everything but typing it up. Anyway, 2015-16 Fleer Showcase is a product in its third year, and is Upper Deck's way of paying tribute to (or maybe just capitalizing on) past products of the Fleer brand, which Upper Deck owns.

The base cards are actually a unique design, as all of the Fleer "tributes" are inserts, and are very similar to what you would see from one of their SP lines, but with a colored background instead of white. 

Trios Hot Prospects 64/599: Alex Biega/Alexandre Grenier/Andrey Pedan
The trios cards are just a way to put in some of the season's late-comers, and as such, it's rare to find a whole lot of players with a whole lot of superstar potential, as they most likely made their debut earlier in the season, and are part of the main rookie line.

Then, there are the insert sets that pay tribute to past Fleer issues. In previous sets, they were able to to a more precise replication of these, but as they run out of former sets, they instead have to go with more of a "tribute" thing, which gives a more modern take on what those sets could have looked like. 
Flair Showcase: Tuukka Rask, Jordan Eberle

Flair Showcase Rookies: Jake Virtanen

Metal Universe: Noah Hanifin, Jake Virtanen, Radek Faksa

Skybox Premium Prospects: Mike Condon

Fleer Ultra Rookies: Jack Eichel 587/699

Then, there were the hits:

Jonathan Quick Showcase Jersey Red Glow Parallel 88/99
This is a jersey card, but witht he smooth fabric of silver, I almost thought it might be a one-colored patch. Nope, just a jersey swatch, but still a good card of a great player

Guy Lafleur Showcase Jersey Red Glow Parallel 14/25
Some of the jersey cards have an extra-low serial number for some reason, but I'm not sure why. There's only 25 of these, and the fact that it's a hockey legend makes it extra cool, as well. 

Hot Prospects Nikolay Goldobin 233/499
This is my guaranteed Rookie Auto Patch card, of San Jose Sharks forward Nikolay Goldobin. There are three colors on the patch, which is great, even if it's only a slight bit of teal in the upper right. He spent most of this past season with the AHL's San Jose Barracuda, but was with the NHL team for nine games, scoring one goal and one assist. 

I didn't strike gold with this one, but there were some respectable pulls, not only with the hits, but with a Jack Eichel rookie card. I know it's a bit of a gamble, as any box of cards can be, but with a guarantees Rookie Auto Patch, you'll always walk away with something pretty nice.

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  1. if that Condon is up for swap, let me know. I can send a Pen or two your way.