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Friday, April 29, 2016

Zach Parise Team Trade Marks from 2011-12 Limited

Back when I first got back into the hockey card game, the very first box of new product that I opened was 2011-12 Panini Limited. It was also the first mid-to-high-end product that I ever opened, and it introduced me to the idea of a low base/high hit product.

I really like how the major elements of the card are highlighted. Base cards will give you full-color images that really take you into the game. These, on the other hand, sacrifice a little bit of the background in favor of the "hit." The player image is important, but room is always left for things like an autograph or a piece of memorabilia.

I recently got my hands on two fantastic cards of Zach Parise from the 2011-12 Limited Team Trademarks insert set. The first is an autographed jersey card, numbered 20/49, and the second of an autographed card, numbered 19/99.

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