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Friday, March 4, 2016

Zach Parise Brilliance Autograph from 2013-14 The Cup

Next in line for my Zach Parise Collection additions, is this gem from 2013-14 The Cup's Brilliance insert set.

I've seen these cards for quite a while, and have been waiting to get my hands on one. It's essentially a shadowbox card. The centerpiece is a logo of The Cup, embedded to the background with a rainbowy silver foil. On the overlay, you have a clear acetate surface to let you see into the background, with gives the signature a really cool raised look. The most striking thing about the card, however, is simply the mass of it. I wouldn't imagine that a card with no piece of rare memorabilia could be this thick, but it is done that way to give the logo a good amount of depth beneath the signature. In fact, the card is so thick, that I was able to measure it with a tape measure (3/8"). That may not seem like a big number right off the bat, but for a hockey card, trust me, it is.

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