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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 Allen & Ginter 2-Box Break

Even though I'm mostly a hockey guy now when it comes to card collecting, I don't think I'll ever give up on Allen & Ginter. Truthfully, it's one of the set that got me back in to card collecting in 2010, and it is consistently not only one of the best looking sets as individual cards, but the absolute best when a complete set is presented in a 3-ring binder.

A few months have passed since its release and I hadn't picked any up yet, so when I had some money to spend on a big order, I decided to pick up two boxes of the product. Now, anyone who has ever busted open this product knows that it is chock full of inserts and minis. I simply don'e have the energy, nor the desire, to post up every single mini, insert, and parallel, so I'll just throw up here the things you all really want to see: the hits.

While not technically a "hit," I decided to show some of these off anyway. With this being Allen & Ginter's 10th year, Topps decided to insert cards from the past few years with a special "10th Anniversary" stamp. I neither love these or hate these, but I figure that somebody may be curious about them, so here you go:

There wasn't really anything too exciting hit-wise, so I'll just kind of breeze through these all with VERY short descriptions.

Joc Pederson Mini Jersey: 2015 All Star and Home Run Derby runner-up

Christian Yelich 10th Anniversary Jersey: Croatian immigrant & 2014 Gold Glove Winner

Jonah Keri Shirt(?): Writer. Podcaster. Canadian.

Dee Gordon Silk 6/10: Cool insert. Low numbering. Might not be considered a "hit," since I got 3 other relics in the same box.

Nick Castellanos 10th Anniversary Jersey: 2012 All-Star Futures Game MVP.

Julio Teheran Jersey: Columbian who signed with the Braves at the age of 16.

Henderson Alvarez Mini Jersey: Threw a no-hitter in 2013. Has two last names.

That's it for the hits. Nothing two spectacular, unless you're a fan of the Marlins. I haven't really sorted out my cards for my set needs, but if anyone is interested in these hits, or is wondering about the minis and inserts I might have up for trade, be sure to let me know.