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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2014-15 Masterpieces Scott Hartnell Red Framed Autograph /30

Opening up that box of 2014-15 Masterpieces, I was impressed with some of the things I saw, but I was really impressed with the look of the autographed cards that were inserted into boxes. There's just something about that canvas-like surface that really makes that signature stand out as something amazing. I trolled around Ebay for a bit to see what I could find, and came across this one that I ended up winning for just $.99 + shipping!!!

This one is a Scott Hartnell autographed red-frame parallel, and is numbered 24/30. It's just like the Bill Ranford I pulled from my box, in that you have the colored frame with in to match. I'm really surprised that I got this one that cheap, too, not only because of the low numbering, but because Hartnell is a pretty good player. Still, I'll never turn my back on a deal, and I'm thrilled to have gotten it for the price that I did.

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