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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trade With "é rayhahn, rayhahn"

Seeing as though I keep track of my fellow bloggers through the Blogger news feed, I am somewhat isolated from others who ise other servers, such as Wordpress. One of those bloggers, Rhubarb-Runner, who writes at "é rayhahn, rayhahn", contacted me about a trade for my Twins trade bait. It turns out that my current place of residence of Fargo, ND is his former place of residence, which was pretty cool. It was also cool, because this makes him a hockey fan, which gave him the ability to help me with my Upper Deck hockey needs. Always nice. He also send me some of my needs from 2011 Topps and the following cards:

While a Johan Hedberg card doesn't turn any heads nowadays, he was a goaltending phenom for the Pens for a season or two. 

Felix Pie was a great prospect for the Cubs who just didn't pan out, and is a reminder of a history of things not going our way. It's funny how at a  certain point of a torturous existence, you embrace your team's misfortune. 

You just can't go too wrong with a Soriano relic. 

This is just a fun card in the simple fact that I never knew that Hinske had any association with the Cubs, much less had a relic card from his time with the team. 

That's the nice thing about card collecting. Especially in this case, it goes to show you, one man's junk is another man's treasure.


  1. Had NO idea that Hinske was ever a Cub!

  2. Close -- I lived in Moorhead, not Fargo, and I'm a college hockey fan, not a pro hockey fan, but still happy to trade!