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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip to Walmart = Me Spending Money = Me Getting More Cards

After spending THREE AND A  HALF HOURS at my county's only DMV today to get a replacement copy of my driver's license, I decided that I deserve to spoil myself, even just a little bit. I stopped by a nearby WalMart and picked up a discounted blaster box of 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin champions and a rack pack of 2011 Topps Heritage.

For those who have not seen my want list, I am trying to put together the ENTIRE Goodwin set, so I jumped at the chance to get those cards at that price. They only had one blaster, and out of 40 base set card (I also got 7 minis and 1 20th Anniversary card) 34 were cards I was missing. Needless to day, this was a FANTASTIC blaster to help me build this set.

The minis yielded me one Gypsy Queen blackborder of the player Dennis Leary refers to as "Bucky F***ing Dent" and a few others, including Ryan Dempster (for my Cubs collection), Scott Kazmir (for my player collection) and Ichiro (not for any collection, but a REALLY cool looking card).

I also spotted some 2011 Topps Heritage and figured, what the heck. I wasn't expecting much from it, but curiosity got the best of me and I got myself a rack pack. I REALLY like what Topps has done with their Heritage line. I know some people aren't that into this year's set, they have really remained faithful to the look and feel of the original set. They even went so far as to put a different style of card number of 1-110 from the rest (just like in '62). Plus, they made the photos look just the same as the 1962 quality without making them look retouched.

Needless to say, a good day at Wal-Mart. Happy trading, everyone.

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  1. I stopped by Target this morning looking for 2011 Heritage and nothing. I was tempted to pick up the one lone discounted Goodwin Champions blaster, but I swear I couldn't get my wallet out of my back pocket. Guess it was trying to tell me something!